Why Should You Use Google My Business?

Google’s latest tool for local businesses and brands, Google My Business, is designed to make the lives of businesses easier by helping them to be better found on Google search results. With search engine optimization playing a major role in the visibility of a business on the web, there are many businesses (usually small) that haven’t managed to build or maintain a successful Google presence.

As a result, these businesses haven’t been able to enjoy the visibility and exposure they seek. However, with the Google My Business service, things are about to change as it serves as a means to interact with customers using a variety of methods. So, why should you use this service? Here are a few reasons:

images Why Should You Use Google My Business?

Update Business Information
You can update your business information, which includes operation hours, contact information, business descriptions, website details and anything you wish on Maps, Search and Google + all from one place. This information then winds up in Google’s Knowledge Graph which works to make searches more precise and successful.

Add Pictures of Your Business
You can communicate with customers in a more effective way by adding pictures of your business, including shots of store locations, displays, facilities, products, customers, employees and any other business relative images. The room for pages on Google My Business is much more than what was provided on Google Places.

Communicate Directly with Customers
By sharing updates, events and news about your business, you have the opportunity to directly connect with your customers. Google reviews can also be monitored where you can respond to customer feedback, giving you another opportunity to connect.

Manage Information on the Go
The platform also comes with a mobile app which allows you to manage information on to go. The application works on both Android and iOS.
So, these are some reasons you should use Google My Business to advertise and expose your business on the web 2.0.