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SEO and Shop Comparison Ecommerce Marketing Services

For any online store, Ecommerce marketing is an effective way to get more visitors to your website while also increasing conversions, resulting in more revenue for your business. There are several components to ecommerce marketing, with each part playing a vital role in the success of your online business. What we will do is either integrate our module into your shopping cart or take your product data feed and import all your products to the proper shopping comparison websites.  Tapping into the shopping comparison channel is crucial to increase traffic, sales and build links to your site for SEO purposes. We will also do keyword research and target your shopping keywords and make sure all your pages are fully optimize to be SEO friendly.

Targeting the correct keywords is the only way to truly develop a successful ecommerce website. By targeting the keywords that you actually have a chance of ranking on the first page for, and using ecommerce seo, you will not waste your time or money optimizing your site for keywords that will not provide any results. Optimizing your site for the right keywords will also attract internet users who are in the mood to make a purchase, increasing the overall effectiveness of your ecommerce website.

Utilizing Comparison Shopping Sites to drive more traffic and sales and also build relevant back links back to your website.Another of our ecommerce seo services that will be used to further help your ecommerce website is the use of comparison shopping sites. Of all of our ecommerce seo services, this technique is the most effective and will increase the amount of exposure your ecommerce website receives, and ultimately the number of people that will purchase your products. Thousands of people a day use price comparison websites to search for their favorite products. If you are not using this technique as a part of your marketing strategy, you are leaving a lot of extra revenue on the table. Many are many types of shop comparison website ranging from free listing to pay per click listings. We will help make decision for you on which one is best suitable for your business.

We will Optimize, Automate and Analyze your shopping feeds to work with all the major shop comparison websites.

We recommend using Google Web Analytics in your ecommerce website to help you measure SEO marketing success. By installing analytic script on your website, we will be able to track all your sales, traffic source, behavior of your site’s visitors which can be used to improve the overall number of sales you see and more. These data will help you make decision on where to distribute your investment for a cost effective return on investment.

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