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The local Vizion SEO company in Baltimore MD has been delivering great results to clients for many years now. We provide companies with a great chance to increase their Google rankings at a low cost. We value, first and foremost, results. If you do not get on page one we feel as if we have not done our job, which is delivering high-quality profitable traffic to your company. We practice safe link-building and great, responsive customer support. We can also help your business create an overall marketing plan for the web.

One thing that sets the Vizion Baltimore SEO agency apart from the rest is our comprehensive online business plan. When designing any given company’s marketing strategy, we always keep mobile users in mind. Many, many people are browsing the web this way in current times, and mobile traffic is estimated to be about 40% of all web traffic. Optimizing your sites for these devices is key, and something that few other agencies provide.

SEO is Critical for the Following Industries’ Businesses in Baltimore:

  1. Local Restaurants / Bakeries /Coffee Shops
  2. Local Maintenance Services (i.e. plumbing, HVAC, cleaning services)
  3. Local Shops/Stores
  4. Local Auto Repair Shop / Mechanics
  5. Local Medical/Dental Offices
  6. Local Moving Companies
  7. Local Landscapers
  8. Local Construction Services
  9. Local Real Estate Companies
  10. Local Insurance Companies
  11. Local Pharmacies
  12. Local Photographers
  13. Local Law Firms, Lawyers/Attorneys
  14. Financial Institutions
  15. Online E-commerce Stores

All of the above industries have the potential to benefit greatly from our SEO services in Baltimore. Doing professional SEO on websites in such industries brings new traffic and clients. After the expense of our service, these types of companies can generate a good ROI.

As we strive to help your business grow, we understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. With the market becoming more saturated each day with start up companies and new websites, we know the task of gaining that high rank in search results can be daunting. Let our search engine optimization for Baltimore help you become more visible to your target market. Whether you intend to reach the entire world with your site, or you simply wish to reach those in your local market, we can help.

One thing you definitely need to realize is that Google recently updated its ranking algorithm a lot, turning the world of SEO upside down for many agencies. Old linking strategies that used to work are now outdated, and firms that can deliver results in the present time are rare. Vizion is up-to-date on all of the current strategies that actually work and is achieving page one rankings even after these updates.

Our team of trained professionals is ready to go to work for you right away, and we know how to handle saturated markets like the Baltimore area. While we understand that you could hire any SEO company in Baltimore, we also understand that you want your business to succeed. That’s why we strive to provide the absolute best service to our customers. We know that by providing the best service, we can guarantee the best results. This is what drives our team to succeed.

Our services are designed to help you succeed in the market, and we know what works. No matter what kind of company you have, or what field you may specialize in, our team knows how to make your website shine. We perform detailed research to help determine which keywords will help your company’s site rise in search rankings, and our talented writers and link builders work hard to incorporate these words into the content we provide.

Our link builders know how to find the perfect location to place your backlinks. We understand that simply throwing a link up anywhere is not an effective way to market your business. Our team gathers information about your company, then submits links to pages that are directly related to your business. Don’t trust your company’s success to someone who doesn’t take the time to understand what you have to offer, let Vizion SEO handle your link building needs, and see the difference.

In today’s market, having a website online visibility is the key to a successful company. While most people understand the idea of having a website to attract customers, they do not truly know how to go about making that site visible to their prospective clients. This is where our SEO services in Baltimore can help you. We know what works in web marketing, and we know how to make your website a much more effective tool. With millions of people logging on each day to find companies just like yours, why miss out on that revenue? Let Vizion SEO show you why we are the premier SEO company in Baltimore MA.

Our full service SEO methodology (Pricing plans starts as low as $200/month depending on how many keywords and how competitive the keywords are)

1. Research & Analysis
We will do keyword research to find out the search volume currently ranking positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We will run a website audit report to see what on page optimization needs to be done and more.

2. On-Page Optimization
We will optimize your website meta tags, content, website structure, sitemap, and make sure your website is SEO friendly.

3. Off-Page Link Building
We will build an off-page link building strategy acquiring links from business listings, directories, blogs, articles, press release, micro blogs, RSS feeds, social media and more. All 100% white hat manual link building.

4. Ongoing SEO and Reporting
We will review our work efforts end of each month and benchmark before and after results. Make proper adjustment to the strategy and maintain your keyword rankings. Report on keyword rankings, traffic, link building and content writing.

Why Us?

  • Guarantee Results or Money Back
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Company
  • Certified SEO and SEM Experts
  • Proven Track Record
  • 100% Transparent with our work and reports
  • No Contracts
  • Most Competitive pricing in the industry

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