4 Reasons to Love Google My Business Service

Since the launch of the Google my business service a few months ago, it has been the talk of the town amongst businesses, and why not? It’s a simple and easy way for businesses to connect with all their online customers out there, and most important of all, it’s free of cost.

In short, Google has come up with an effective way to market your business and its products all with a one-stop dashboard. So, if you still aren’t in love with Google my business, here are 4 reasons why you should:

1.     It’s Google

It’s made by Google and there is no bigger reason why it shouldn’t be adopted by marketers.

2.     Connect With Your Audience

One of the most impressive things about the service is that it gives you the ability to engage with your audience. Yes, you can see your customers and more importantly, you can interact with all of them via comments, reviews and so on. Conversations can also be made private in case of sensitive industries.

3.     Find Out How Customers Find You

Acquisition analysis is at the tip of your finger thanks to AdWords Express. You can utilize the data provided to determine the efficiencies and ROI of each marketing channel.

4.     Chat Face to Face

Whether it’s a negotiation on a price or a face-to-face product demo, the impact this tool can make is limitless. Also, in this way, customers would have a much better idea of the happenings in your business.

So, these are 4 reasons why you should adopt the immense marketing positives of Google’s new service.